Direct thermal path MCPCB and Sink-pad MCPCB, Copper Core PCB, Copper PCB

Product Detail

Product Details

Base Material:Alu/ copper

Copper Thickness:0.5/1/2/3/4 OZ

Board Thickness:0.6-5mm

Min. Hole Diameter:T/2mm

Min. Line Width:0.15mm

Min. Line Spacing:0.15mm

Surface Finishing:HASL,Immersion gold,Flash gold, plated silver, OSP

Item name:MCPCB LED PCB Printed circuit board,Aluminum PCB,copper core 


V-cut Angle:30°,45°,60°

Shape tolerance:+/-0.1mm

Hole DIA tolerance:+/-0.1mm

Thermal Conductivity:0.8-3 W/M.K

E-test voltage:50-250V

Peel-off strength:2.2N/mm

Warp or twist:</=0.5%

PTH Wall thickness:>0.025mm

No. Items Index
1 Surface Treatment  HASL,Immersion gold,Flash gold, plated silver, OSP
 2 Layer Single-side
 3 PCB Thickness 0.6-5mm
 4 Copper Foil Sickness 0.5-4Oz
 5 Min hole diameter T/2mm
 6 Min Line width 0.15mm
 7 Layers 1-4 layers
 8 Max board size 585mm*1185mm
 9 Min board size 3mm*10mm
 10 Board thickness 0.4-6.0mm
 11 Min space 0.127mm
 12  PTH wall thickness  >0.025mm
 13  V-cut  30/45/60 degree
 14  V-cut size  5mm*1200mm
 15  Min.bag pad  0.35mm

Offer: single sided MCPCB, double sided MCPCB, double layer MCPCB,bendable MCPCB, direct thermal exchange MCPCB, eutectic bonding flip -chip MCPCB. Our MCPCB is customized.

1.aluminum base PCB LED light led light module  led

2.aluminum substrate PCB

3.aluminum base copper-clad laminate PCB

4.aluminum base PCB

1)material: FR-4, Copper, Aluminum based 

2)layer: 1-4

3)copper thickness: 0.5oz, 1.0oz, 2oz, 3oz,  4oz

4)surface finish: HASL,  OSP, Immersion Gold, Immersion silver, Flash gold, Plated silver.

5)solder mask color: Green, black, white.

6)V-cut angle: 30, 45,60 degree 

7)E-test voltage: 50-250V 

8)Certificate: UL, ISO9001, ROHS ,SGS,CE

MC PCB Technical Capability

;Type Item Capacity Type Item Capacity
Layers / 1-4 Hole size Drilling hole size 0.6-6.0mm
Laminate Laminate type Aluminum, iron, and copper isolation base   Hole tolerance ±0.05mm
  Dimension 1000*1200mm 60081500mm   Tolerance of hole position ±0.1mm
  Board thickness 0.4mm-3.0mm   Aspect ratio 5:1
  Tolerance of board thickness ±0.1mm Solder mask Min solder bridge 4mil
  Dielectric thickness 0.075-0.15mm Impedance Impedance tolerance ±10%
Circuit Min width/ space 5mil/ 5mil Peel strength ≥1.8 N/mm
  Tolerance of width/ space ±15% Surface resistance ≥1*105M
Copper thickness Internal and external 0.5-10 OZ   ≥1*106M
      Volume resistrivity  
Thermal conductivity Low heat conductivity 1.0-1.5
  Middle heat conductivity 1.5-1.8
  High conductivity 2.0-8.0
Solder fioat 260℃, 10mil, No blister, No determination
Permittilvity ≤4.4

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