IPhone Pull + Power Rationing

According to industry insiders, PCB manufacturers, especially those in the new iPhone supply chain, will work overtime from October 1 to better complete Apple orders. This is also its measure to deal with local power rationing. Due to the power failure of the local government, the factories of these manufacturers in Suzhou and Kunshan had stopped production for five days.


The Electronic Times quoted the above person as saying that during the shutdown period, most manufacturers must use their existing inventory to deliver goods to customers. If the power restriction measures end as scheduled, they need to arrange overtime production shifts to make up for some delayed delivery from October 1.


In fact, for PCB manufacturers whose products are applied to notebooks and automobiles, there is almost no problem to use their existing inventory to meet the needs of customers. Because the shortage of chips and other components has affected their actual delivery in the past few months, their current inventory level is still very high.


However, flexible PCB manufacturers such as Taijun technology will have to work overtime after the normal power supply is restored on October 1. Especially considering that their factories in Taiwan specialize in the production of front-end blank boards, they are unable to provide capacity support for Kunshan factory mainly engaged in the assembly of back-end modules.


The source added that the existing inventory of Taijun technology is difficult to meet the peak season shipments provided by apple for iPhone during the shutdown period, and its revenue will certainly be affected, but it is still difficult to estimate the actual impact.


The source further pointed out that PCB manufacturers will pay close attention to the follow-up development of power rationing measures and launch appropriate countermeasures, but most of them believe that this measure will only be short-term.

Post time: Oct-14-2021