PCB manufacturing activities halt for outbreak of Covid in Shenzhen.



To fully control a COVID outbreak in Shenzhen, China’s government has locked down the city of Shenzhen, with its all residents for one week. The lockdown includes the suspension of all public transportation and all businesses and factories being closed. Only essential services are available with limited resources. Most people were encouraged to work from home till the end of lockdown on Sunday, March 20.

There is plenty of PCB manufacturing-based and located in Shenzhen. This incurred many of you as one of the procurement team. When a company outsources all its PCB/ PCBA needs to offshore capability, should never have all its orders depending on PCB manufacturing facilities in the same location. Ideally, divide the forecast into 3-5 vendors and keep 1-2 of them as key suppliers. That would maintain your decision effectiveness when happening to force majeure incidents.

It’s relatively a short suspension. However, we need to learn from it. As a forward-looking supplier, Welldone has its manufacturing activity based out of Shenzhen city and Jiangxi province, where can maintain full operation even the lockdown issued suddenly. We are qualified to be a part of your supply chain providing the PCB solutions to minimize your downtime and never compromise to quality while delivering the best pre and post services.

Post time: Mar-18-2022