RGB stage lighting Sinkpad MCPCB

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RGB stage lighting Sinkpad MCPCB

Direct thermal path MCPCB structure


Production Capablity

"Model Number:single-side MCPCB

Copper Thickness:0.5-4OZ

Board Thickness:0.4-6.0mm

Min. Hole Size:T/2mm

Min. Line Width:0.15mm

Min. Line Spacing:0.15mm

Surface Finishing:HASL,Immersion gold,Flash gold, plated silver, OSP Item name:RGB stage lighting Sinkpad MCPCB

Thermal conductivity:350w/m.k

V-cut Board Thickness:0.6-3mm

V-cut Size:5mm*1200mm

Solder Float:260℃/3min


Insulation Resistance:10^12 Normal

E-test voltage:50-250V

Peel-off Strength:2.2N/mm"

LED Solid crystal area directly connected to the whole substrate

"MCPCB with efficient in-plane and through-plane thermal conductivities are important for the high power LEDs. Though the stack-up structure looks the same, MCPCB performance is dependent upon the thermal pad area, interlayer material thickness,thermal conductivity of each material layer and how they are fabricated.

The traditional laminated MCPCB uses adhesive system with low adhesive Tg to glue the different layers together. This lamination fabrication approach adds thermal resistance to the overall stack up structure. The dielectric layer is sandwiched between the copper and the metal base for both the thermal and electrical pad areas. Electrically isolated thermal pad experienced the same thermal resistance in the thermal path."


Offer: single sided MCPCB, double sided MCPCB, double layer MCPCB,bendable MCPCB, direct Thermal Path MCPCB, eutectic bonding flip -chip MCPCB. Our MCPCB is customized.
High bar led lighting LED PCB,MCPCB by chinese supplier
1.aluminum base PCB LED light digital camera LED module MCPCB supplier
2.aluminum substrate PCB cctv security camera LED lighting MCPCB manufacturer
3.aluminum base copper-clad laminate PCB
4.aluminum base PCB cctv security camera LED lighting MCPCB manufacturer
1)material: FR-4, Copper, Aluminum based
2)layer: 1-4 RGB plants LED grow light mcpcb manufacturer
3)copper thickness: 0.5oz, 1.0oz, 2oz, 3oz,  4oz
4)surface finish: HASL,  OSP, Immersion Gold, Immersion silver, Flash gold, Plated silver.
5)solder mask color: Green, black, white.
6)V-cut angle: 30, 45,60 degree
7)E-test voltage: 50-250V
8)Certificate: UL, ISO9001, RoHS ,SGS,CE

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