China, The World’s Top 100 PCB Factories, Accounts For More Than Half Of The Global Output Value

Hayao Nakahara, President of the global PCB Industry Research Authority n.t.information, released the nti-100 2020 global top 100 PCB ranking and industry trends. According to Dr. Hayao Nakahara’s survey report, 128 manufacturers entered the list in 2020 with a revenue of more than US $100 million, an increase of 6 compared with 122 in 2019, and the output value increased from US $62.342 billion to US $68.789 billion, with a growth rate of 10.3%.


Compared with last year, the number of Listed Companies in each region is 56 in China (+ 4), 25 in Taiwan (- 2), 21 in Japan (+ 3), 14 in South Korea (+ 2), 4 in the United States (flat), 5 in Europe (flat) and 3 in Southeast Asia (- 1).


In this year’s report, a survey was conducted on the number of global PCB manufacturers and production settlements. According to the report, there are about 2100 PCB manufacturers in the world, with a total number of 2687 factories, of which 1480 are concentrated in China, accounting for 55% of the global factories.


Compared with the data of Taiwan Institute of maternity research, the global PCB output value in 2020 is about 53.2% of China’s production. In recent years, the electronics industry has been influenced by Sino US trade and COVID-19, prompting enterprises to accelerate the evaluation of production base toward diversification. However, for the PCB industry, China’s PCB industry has a large market from the global supply chain. Its characteristics are not easy to copy in other countries. In the short term, the Chinese mainland is still the largest production settlement in the world.


According to the data from this year’s global top 100 list, the top 25 enterprises account for 59.3% of the total output value of the top 100 list. The phenomenon of big Hengda continues to occur in the PCB industry. Corresponding to the development trend of terminal market applications and PCB products, in the past 10 years, with the advent of the era of Internet of things (IOT), standardized and mass-produced terminal applications such as home appliances, PCs and mobile devices, The high efficiency and diversification of electronic products promote PCB to niche and a small number of diverse terminal applications, such as electric vehicles and wearable devices. The required technical process capacity is continuously improved. With the continuous evolution of high-level technology of products, it is driving a huge demand for new investment plans and technology upgrading.


Take the hottest carrier plate in the current market as an example. At present, the global carrier plate manufacturers are mainly Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. The main leading manufacturers are Xinxing, Ibiden, Semco, Nandian, Jingshuo, Shinko and SIMMTECH. These manufacturers are all in the top 25 list. The enterprises in the previous shift need to maintain their leading edge by aiming at the design trend of new products, With accurate and continuous investment in high-level technology, give full play to the advantages of production layout.


The iPhone 12 just launched by Apple last year created a wave of goods in the traditional peak season of Q3, allowing suppliers such as Zhending Technology Holdings, Huatong, Taijun, Dongshan precision, Nippon Mektron and Fujikura to taste the sweetness. With the long-distance work and education accompanying the epidemic, the business opportunities of the residential economy have driven the demand for notebook computers, tablet computers and game consoles, making relevant motherboard manufacturers such as Hanyu bode, Jinxiang electronics and Jianding technology also perform well last year.


In the automotive electronics sector, although the global epidemic and chip shortage once darkened the global auto market in 2020, with the clear market trend of electric vehicles and self driving, relevant application manufacturers such as Jingpeng, Yuhua, Dingying electronics, Meiko, CMK, Eaton electronics, Kyoden and Shirai Denshi have clearly felt the recovery of the auto market, It is expected that the imbalance between supply and demand of global automotive chips will be alleviated as soon as possible.


As for the most fruitful carrier manufacturers in 2020, benefiting from the strong demand for chips in the global market, the expansion and investment momentum of carrier manufacturers are also moving frequently, such as Xinxing, Nandian, jingshuo, Zhending Technology Holdings, Ibiden, Dade electronics, at & S, Shinko Denki, Dongshan precision, etc. have actively prepared carrier related investments in recent years, On the supply side, it is expected that new production capacity will be released, which can alleviate the shortage dilemma. Although new competitors join the war and the carrier field has the entry threshold of high technology, high quality and high capital, it is expected that carrier manufacturers will still have great prospects in the next 3-5 years.


From this year’s nti-100 2020 global top 100 PCB ranking and industry trends, in recent years, large factories in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea have increased their investment in board loading to maintain their leading edge. With the support of China’s policies, mainland manufacturers have also begun to catch up in the board loading field. The high wall built by high-level technical capabilities and huge investment scale has promoted the global top 100 PCB ranking, The gap between large enterprises and medium-sized factories will continue to expand. However, in the face of the pressure of global net zero carbon emission, large plants will bear the brunt. The construction of carbon neutralization strength is the next important issue for large plants.


PCB is an irreplaceable component of electronic products. Under the stable and huge market demand, a large number of medium-sized PCB enterprises can make good use of their core advantages such as quality, delivery time, cost control and production layout in the diversified development trend of electronic products, and pay close attention to the technical progress of large manufacturers, It is estimated that this type of manufacturers will continue to play an indispensable role in the world’s top 100 and will also be one of the sources of vitality of the global PCB industry.

Post time: Sep-08-2021