• LED cooling copper substrate

    With the rapid development of LED lighting today, heat dissipation is the key problem of LED lighting. How can we solve the problem of LED heat dissipation? Today we will talk about the problem of LED heat dissipation copper substrate for LED heat dissipation. The LED industry is one of the indus...
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  • The circuit board factory tells you the difference between immersion gold and gold plating

    Circuit board immersion gold board and circuit board gold-plated board are commonly used processes in the production of circuit boards today. With the higher and higher integration of IC, the more and denser IC pins are. The vertical tin spray process is difficult to blow the thin pads flat, whic...
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  • The circuit board factory teaches you to interpret the concept and related knowledge of PCB circuit boards

    The explanation of PCB is: PCB, also known as printed circuit board/printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, and it is also the support of electronic components, and it is also the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components, which plays a role in supporting and ...
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  • What are the control points of the key production process of multi-layer circuit boards

    Multilayer circuit boards are generally defined as 10-20 or more high-grade multilayer circuit boards, which are more difficult to process than traditional multilayer circuit boards and require high quality and robustness. Mainly used in communication equipment, high-end servers, medical electron...
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  • Wiring principle of PCB double-layer board

    PCB is an important electronic component and the origin of all electronic components. It has become more and more complex since it appeared in the last world. From single-layer to double-layer, four-layer, and then to multi-layer, the design difficulty is also increasing. bigger. There are wiring...
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  • Global Electronic Chemicals and Materials Insights

    DUBLIN, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Electronic Chemicals and Materials Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecasts 2022-2027″ report has been added to’s offering. The global electronic chemicals and mater...
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