The circuit board factory teaches you to interpret the concept and related knowledge of PCB circuit boards

The explanation of PCB is: PCB, also known as printed circuit board/printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, and it is also the support of electronic components, and it is also the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components, which plays a role in supporting and interconnecting. effect. With the continuous improvement of the entire scientific and technological level and the industrial level, the PCB printed board industry has also developed vigorously.

From the classification point of view, the circuit board PCB board can be divided according to the structure and hardness performance. Classified by structure, PCB can be divided into single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer boards, among which multi-layer boards are generally 4-layer boards or 6-layer boards; divided by soft and hard, PCB can be divided into rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit boards And soft and hard board, that is, hard board, soft board and soft and hard board.

In addition to the above two methods, PCB boards can also be classified according to the conduction state of the holes and the surface production. According to the former method, PCB can be divided into buried hole board, blind hole board and through hole board; according to the latter, PCB can be divided into tin spray board, gold finger board, carbon oil board, gold plated board, anti-oxidation board and many more……

No matter what kind of nature is used, PCB has always been the most widely used electronic component product. It has tenacious vitality and occupies an absolute control position in the electronics industry. While ensuring the quality of electronic equipment, it also improves labor productivity and reduces The cost of electronic products has been continuously improved.

Post time: Aug-24-2022