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PCB Item Manufacture Capacity
   Layer Counts    1--20L
   Base Material    FR4,High-TG FR4,CEM3,aluminum,High Frequency(Rogers,Taconic,Aron,PTFE,F4B)
   Material Thickness(mm)    0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.50, 1.60, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2
   Max board size(mm)    1200x400mm
   Board Outline Tolerance    ±0.15mm
   Board Thickness    0.4mm--3.2mm
   Thickness Tolerance    ±8%
   Minimum line/space    0.1mm
   Min Annular Ring    0.1mm
   SMD Pitch    0.3mm
   Min  Hole Size(mechanical)    0.2mm
   Min Hole Size(laser hole)    0.1mm
   Hole Size TOL (+/-)    PTH:±0.075mm;NPTH: ±0.05mm
   Hole Position TOL    ±0.075mm
   HASL/LF HAL    2.5um
   Immersion Gold    Nickel  3-7um  Au:1-5u''
   Surface Finish    HAL,ENIG,Plated Gold,Immersion Gold,OSP
   Copper Weight    0.5--6oz
   Solder mask    Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Matt Green, Matt Black, Matt Blue
   Silk screen    White, Black, Blue,Yellow
   Acceptable File Format    Gerber file,Power PCB,CAD,AUTOCAD,ORCAD,P-CAD,CAM-350,CAM2000
   Certificate    ROSH,ISO9001,UL

OEM/ODM/EMS Services for PCB:

PCBA, PCB Board assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA
PCB and enclosure design
Components sourcing and purchasing
Quick prototyping
Plastic injection molding
Metal sheet stamping
Final assembly
Test: AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT)
Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting

Capability - SMT

Lines                                   9(5 Yamaha,4KME)
Capacity                             52 million placements per month
Max Board Size                457*356mm.(18”X14”)
Min Component size       0201-54 sq.inch),long connector,CSP,BGA,QFP
Speed                                  0.15 sec/chip,0.7 sec/QFP

Capability - PTH

Lines                              2
Max board width            400 mm
Type                               Dual wave
PBS status                     Lead-free line support
Max temp                       399 degree C
Spray flux                       add-on
Preheat                           3


Custom quote requirement

To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to include the following information for your project:
          Complete GERBER files including the BOM list
          Other file types (Allium,Pro-tel,Or CAD)
          "Read Me" notes for additional fabrication information
          Turn time
          Palatalization Requirements
          Materials Requirements
          Finish requirements
          Your custom quote will be delivered in just 2-24 hours, depending on the design complexity.

Quality Control


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